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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post-Burtonfest '08: Lolburton Contest Interview

It's not everyday that a critically acclaimed director is born, but just this past August the Burtonites of the Tim Burton Collective decided to let the world know that one had indeed been born, 50 years ago. August 25th was not just our dear beloved Tim Burton's birthday, but the beginning of a celebration based off of Burton's creations.
Burtonites gathered together to collectively watch Burton's films in the order they were released for one week. Members chatted amongst each other, connecting Burtonites from the peaks of Europe and the corners of America. Contests of all sorts were held to entertain Burtonites outside of the avaliable circle of film watchers or just to pique the interest of all of the Collective's varied sorts of artists.
One contest in general, not only lacked drawing or grammar skills, it encouraged users to spell their worst and think their funniest: the Lolburtons. Macros, known to Wikipedia as, "
a term coined for a picture with digitally superimposed text, often for humorous effect." Burtonites were asked to choose a picture somehow related to Tim Burton, whether being a picture of him, a scene from one of his movies or even a major collaborator, and to macro it to their liking. The end result was anything but disappointing, and left tough decisions all around! However, the Lolburton winner has been announce, may I present to you, Corky Buttermilk!

A Burtonite is born

Vonni Vice Vivace:
Thank you for doing this interview for winning the Lolburton Contest, Melanie.
Corky Buttermilk: Thank you for interviewing me!

VVV: Would you say that you've always been a naturally funny person?
CB: I wouldn't call myself naturally funny, per se, more naturally goofy. I enjoy ridiculous things. I am a ridiculous person. That doesn't always equal funny, but I like to think that most of the time in my case, it does. Other people have told me I'm funny, I guess I can believe them. I know I can amuse myself and that's half the battle!

The winning submission

VVV: Is it common for you to recognize an unintentionally possibly hilarious scene while you watch movies and look at pictures? What sorts of films bring this urge to macro on?
CB: Oh yes, all the time. Especially when I'm watching movies that I've already seen and have to pause them for whatever reason. It's at those times you really notice a completely new way of looking at a scene that you've watched a few times before. Pausing can cause a completely non-funny scene to take on hilarious properties. I also enjoy watching completely serious, dramatic movies and seeing the absurd in them. This helps a lot with finding things to macro. A lot of times, the more serious movies or scenes make the funniest macros because you're looking at something that wasn't supposed to be funny at all and seeing really just how funny it actually is. Take my Pee-wee macro for example. It's a very serious scene where Pee-wee is rescuing animals from a pet store that's on fire. And as we all know, fire can be serious business! There's a point where he gets the dogs to safety out on the sidewalk and he's telling them to stay and raises his hands up. One day I was re-watching it yet again and I knew then that it was my destiny to make him fondle invisible boobs when he does that. And boom! There's a macro! And it's from a very dramatic, suspenseful scene that wouldn't ordinarily make people think of boobs, invisible or otherwise! I love that sort of juxtaposition between the drama and the humor.

The second submission from Corky Buttermilk

VVV: You won for your Pee-Wee's Big Adventure macro entry, what sort of role does Burton's film hold in your life?
CB: I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today without Burton's films, that's for sure. Especially the films of his that came out when I was growing up and in those formative years. I love the off-beat sense of humor his films have. They've shaped my own sense of humor. In a way, I guess I kind of owe a huge part of my sense of humor to Pee-wee's Big Adventure. I adored all things Pee-wee when I was growing up and Pee-wee's Big Adventure is still my all-time favorite movie.

VVV: If you (or anyone for that matter) can possible do so, could you list your favorite Tim Burton films from starting from your personal favorites?
CB: Ok, from favorite to least favorite:
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Edward Scissorhands
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mars Attacks!
Ed Wood
Sweeney Todd
Big Fish
Sleepy Hollow
Batman Returns
Corpse Bride
Planet of the Apes
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Corky as she appears today, still a great follower of Burton

VVV: What were your favorite festivities that took place during Burtonfest '08 and why were they your favorite?
CB: I love the art contest. I love seeing what everyone comes up with. I'm a very visual person. And I loved the LOLBurton contest but I wish there had been even more entries! I love those things! I also enjoyed the group movie watching/chats. Those were really fun.

VVV: Is there anything you hope that Burtonfest '09 will include that this year's festival didn't?
CB: A meetup would be nice. Or something like a BurtonCon! I really hope someday we can have a physical realization of Burtonfest somewhere.



Leah said...

Noice. More people should enter, but the ones we got (esp. Mel's) were a crack up!

Fuzzy Duck said...

Those are some damn good lols. I demand MORE!! MOOOOOORRRE!!